Thursday, July 21, 2011

Learn Boost - Online Grading

Do you use an online grading program?  Our school has used Teacherease in the past.  Due to budget cuts, I'm not sure if we will have it this year or not.  I just learned of Learn Boost!  From their website they say "LearnBoost is 100% free. You get all the wonderful features in all of our modules: gradebook, attendance, lesson plan, calendar, and more. You have everything to gain by signing up because LearnBoost is free and amazing."  It looks worth checking into.  Click on the picture if you are interested.


  1. Just wanted to share another online gradebook that I've used for 4 years: (formerly known as It's also free unless you want all the fancy stuff, which I don't. i just need a place to keep my grades safe and where I can print progress reports for conferences. :)
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  2. Thanks Debi! I will have to check out too!