Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bucket Fillers

This is the third year that I plan on implementing Bucket Fillers into my classroom.  This is a positive reinforcement that really brings out the good deeds that individuals do on a daily basis.  I had been using hanging cubbies like these that go on a pocket chart stand.  This year I have decided to make a poster in hopes of it taking up less space.

I will laminate the poster and put it on a bulletin board.  Once I have my class list, I will write their names with a dry erase marker below each pocket.  To make the poster, I got library pockets from our school and stuck those on.  Then I reduced the buckets so that 4 would fit on one page.  I glued those on and there you have it!

I also made business cards from Vistprint for the kids to fill out for each time someone wants to fill another's bucket.  I plan on putting the cards in a small bucket near the poster. They can also write on the back of the card if need be.

If you want more information on Bucket Fillers, this website has great information.  Amazon also has a list of many books that are great for both kids and adults in understanding the concept of being a Bucket Filler verses a Bucket Dipper.  Click here for Bucket Filler books.


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  2. I love the buckets! Thanks! I was inspired by this...and I have a shoe organizer that hangs over my door which I will use for the buckets. I am going to tape a bucket to the front of pink Solo cups for the girls and blue Solo cups for the boys and put them down in the shoe organizer. I checked last night and they are a perfect fit! :) I'll post photos later. :)

    Melly <><

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  3. Thanks Miss Dennis for adding me to sqworl!

    Melly I'm glad that I was an inspiration to you! It sounds like your buckets will be very cute!!