Saturday, August 6, 2011


Like many other teachers, I use organizational folders for my class to help communication from home to school.  Our school mascot is the Knights.  So one of my dearest friends came up with the acronym Keeping Necessary Information and Goals Handy for Terrific Students.

In the past I had been using a 1 inch binder.  This year I am going to use poly folders.  The 2nd and 3rd grade teams at my school have ordered Nicky Folders.  These have got to be just about the coolest folders we have ever come across.  They already have built in pockets, so there is no need for getting page protectors etc.
I have made some labels using Avery 5126 Shipping Labels that I will stick on the front.  I then usually use standard labels on the other pockets to include Important Papers, Daily Behavior, Nightly Reading, Spelling, and Work to Keep at Home.  I also think that I will need another label to place all of the current events going on and call it What's Happening.  I will put Our Monthly Calendar, Cafeteria Menu, and current Newsletter here.  In the past I also had used a zipper pouch, but I'm not quite sure how I am going to do that one.  I may just use some velcro on the top of the first pocket and place a label that says Lunch Money etc.  I haven't actually gotten my hands on these awesome little folders yet, so I'm waiting to see how everything is going to come together on these.

Here are the KNIGHT Rules
Knight Rules

KNIGHT Binder Contract

Here is an example of what my labels will look like on the front of each KNIGHT Book.


Keeping Necessary Information and Goals Handy for Terrific Students

Mrs. Au’s 2nd Grade

If time allows, I'll try to post a picture of one once I get these folders completed!

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