Thursday, August 11, 2011

Clip Chart

Wow I can't believe it's back to work for me today!  I have registration first thing in the morning and then staff meetings in the afternoon.  For a portion of those  meetings, I along with some other colleagues will be presenting a school wide implementation of the clip chart to our entire staff.  Many of us in our building implemented the clip chart last year with great success.  This year charts have been purchased and everyone in our building will be using the clip chart.  To help our staff, I wanted to give them a few resources that I will pass along.

The first resource I wanted to share was an awesome Clip Chart Check List from Mrs. Bainbridge's Blog.  If you download this monthly tracker it will allow you to type in your students names.  The teacher or a student can mark the color each child earned at the end of each day.

Click here to see my daily record that students use in their KNIGHT Folders!
Clip Chart eBook[1] Here is the eBook on implementing the clip chart. If you have no idea of what this is about read this! It will take about 20 minutes to read and you will be glad you did it!

  Clip Chart Parent Letter Here is a Parent Letter that I send out right away, so that parents are also aware of our classroom management.

  EP Expectations Our school is also implementing school wide expectations, formerly known as rules.  These are the expectations we will enforce at our school.  MMOB stands for Mind My Own Business.


  1. This looks amazing! I am a huge fan of the clip chart. Good luck!

    Simply 2nd Resources

  2. I am using the clip chart for the first time this year! I have been looking for a way to keep a daily report and I came across yours.Is it possible for you to email me a copy of your behavior report in WORD so that it can be altered? Thanks!