Saturday, August 20, 2011

Google Rocks!

Well I successfully began my 15th year of teaching and have a great group of kids!  I have already gotten a few requests from parents to text them if I need to contact them.  While I believe that parent and teacher communication is very important, I am not very keen on giving out my personal phone number to parents.  In addition it happens to be against school policy to use personal cell phones for school use.  So I have been looking into a few options on the internet.  I came across, but it appears to only provide sending a text.  There was no way get a response.   Then I came across Google Voice.  This feature of Google is very cool!  With Google Voice I can send a message through my computer to a cell phone.  It gave me a new phone number and even set up voice mail for me.  I tested it out and it was very easy to use.  I think using Google Voice will satisfy the parents that want to be notified by text, and I don't have to give out any personal info.


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing! My school just went over to google school e-mail. I'll have to check into google voice!


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  2. Wow, really? They want you to text them? Kind of crazy a phone call or email won't do it, huh?

    Yep. I am definitely not into calling on my cell/home phone. However, it always makes it hard to get in touch with them unless you stay at school late or call them at work.

    I'll check out that Google Voice!