Monday, August 1, 2011

Cool Timer

A while back I remember seeing a post from Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons about using Cool Timer.  It's a timer that you can download on your computer and display with your Infocus machine for the whole class to see at a glance.  I am very excited to give this timer a try!  I used to be very good with time, but in the last few years it has become a struggle to make sure that we have picked up and are ready to get out the door in time.  I also think this will be great for transitions.  It will help all of us be accountable and better time managers.  Click on the picture to download Cool Timer.



  1. Hey Becky,

    I couldn't get this to install. Any ideas? :)


  2. It says that you need to have Microsoft Windows Media Player installed on your system. I don't know other thank that, I would try to install it again. Otherwise I can try installing it for you at work. :)


  3. Meant to say "than" not "thank"