Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blog Awards!

I feel very honored to have been given some recent blog awards lately.  The blogging community has made me a better teacher, and I have really enjoyed reading about all of the great things that are happening to other teachers.  You guys are awesome!  So here are the awards....

I was given the "One Lovely Blog Award" from these fine ladies:

Christa at The Second Grade Superkids also awarded me a top 10 award!

Top 10 TBA
Please click on the picture for information on passing this award on.

Now it's time to pass on the awards!

I have found various rules, but am going to go with these:

1. Link back to the person who gave it to you
2. Pass the award on to 5 other Lovely bloggers.
3. Follow the person who sent it to you.

Here are my five!

Swinging Through Second Grade

So, I'm just going to call this a double feature and pass on both awards to these wonderful ladies!  I hope that it doesn't offend anyone.  I think everyone who blogs does a fabulous job at it and everyone deserves an award!


  1. I found a few new blogs with your lists there :) thanks!

    ♥ Jen
    The Teacher's Cauldron

  2. Thank you, Becky!! I am honored!!! You are well-deserved recipient of the award! I love your blog!!!
    Just 4 Teachers: Sharing Across Borders

  3. Thanks Becky! I am very flattered and a follower of yours! :)