Saturday, March 24, 2012

Are You A Book Whisperer?

So this week was my spring break!  My family decided to have a staycation.  We really needed this week to rest and relax, and that's just what we did.  Our week didn't exactly go as expected.  We had a cold front come through last weekend and experienced 50+ mph winds in the desert.  We had a high of around 47 degrees on Monday when the normal temperature is usually around 70.  On Tuesday, I was finally put on antibiotics because I still wasn't getting over a sore throat that another doctor had told me was just a virus.  Wednesday the Hubs woke up with pink eye, and it was his turn to visit the doctor.  By Thursday the weather was back into the mid 70's and we were finally starting to feel better and enjoy ourselves.

So what did I do this week you may ask?  Well it was primarily spent reading and cooking (we also squeezed in some family pictures).

Last summer I read the Book Whisperer.  It was a great read!  It really instilled in me developing a love for reading to my students.  But somewhere that love for reading never really carried over for myself.  Don't get me wrong, my family will tell anyone that I am almost always within reach of a book.  However, most of the books I read were not for pleasure.  I have read tons of professional and spiritual books, but rarely did I actually read novels on my own.

This last November that all changed for me.  I went to see the latest Twilight movie, and decided I wasn't going to wait another year to find out what happened.  I began reading that series and have gone on to read series after series of books that I have had friends recommended.  Yesterday we went and saw The Hunger Games which I LOVED!  (Well except I didn't like that Katniss bought the mockingjay pin at the market instead of the Mayor's daughter giving it to her.  I don't know why that bothered me but it did!)  Anyhow, I had already read the trilogy and going to see it at the movies made me feel like I had one up on my husband who hasn't read the books.

So I ask, are you a Book Whisperer too?  There's nothing like reading a great book!  As I type this I see my iPad within reach and feel a little sad that it will still be a few more hours before I am able to finish up my latest novel.  The suspense of reading a fantastic book is almost too much at times.  I have to remind myself, "Put the book down before your family thinks that it will just swallow you up!"  HaHa!  Anyway, I thought I would share my two favorite boards on Pinterest!  My Recipe Board and Books Worth Reading Board.  If I'm not reading, you will most likely find me exercising or trying out recipes that are good, but low in calories and fat.



Well I gotta go make lunch and get back to my book!  Have a great weekend!!


  1. I love reading, and loved The Book Whisperer! I don't read as much as I'd like while school is in, though.

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. I hope you are feeling better. I think everyone gets sick when they finally have time to sit down and relax. It is like our body goes into shock or something!

  3. Ugh, sick on spring break! That just isn't right.

    Your daughter is a cutie patootie!

    That Twilight Series got me reading again too, after a long while of just reading either textbooks or professional development stuff.

    I've heard that Fifty series is good. Thinking about adding those to my pile!

    You should check out You put all of the books you've read/are reading/want to read in kind of a "library", and you can have your friends on there. There are LOTS of reviews and it's helped me find some good books.

  4. Oh my! I'm glad you're feeling better!! I LOVE the family picture!! We REALLY need to do some - now that B is getting older - And I'm totally following all your boards now! :)

    ♥ Jen
    The Teacher's Cauldron