Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Highlights

Wow!  It's hard to believe that we have nearly completed our first month of 2012!  We've had a great month.  Here are some of the activities that we have done in January 2012.

New Year's Resolutions from Amy Lemons' template.

Cute resolutions!

Snowglobe stories inspired from Pinterest.

In science we have been studying the solar system.  Here is a put the planets in order activity.
Chinese New Year Graphing that I got from First Grade Blue Skies.
Our monthly take home project was to make a time line of your life using coins to represent each year of your life. 
Can't wait for February to get here now!


  1. I always did space strips too when I taught 3rd....would you believe that our 2nd grade standards say NOTHING about planets, stars, or moon??? It's REDICULOUS!!!!

  2. Many of the standards are not in line with what kids know or need to know. We just have to work within the range and make it happen.

  3. What a fun idea for timelines using the pennies!