Sunday, July 8, 2012


I recently attended a CCSS training on ELA for reading coaches.  During the 2 day workshop we got some really great strategies to use during reading instruction.  One idea was to use a retell glove. It is a great way to ensure that students are comprehending what they read.

You can use a gardening glove or just make a paper one and laminate it for durability.  This is what each part represents:  
Thumb:  Stick people- Represents the characters in the story.  
Who is this story mostly about?  Who are the characters in this story? 
Finger one:  House- Represents the setting of the story.  Where and when did the story take place? 
Finger two:  Lock-  Represents the problem in the story.  What is the problem in this story? 
Middle finger:  Key  Represents the solution to the problem in the story.  How is the problem solved in this story? 
Pinky finger:  Ladder-  Represents the beginning, middle, and end of the story. 
Back of hand in middle:  Heart-  Represents personal connections to the story.  Does this story remind you of anything that you know about?  Does this story remind you of anything that you have experienced?

Click on the above picture for directions to make your own retelling glove.

Another great idea is to use a cube or beach ball and program it for students to answer questions.  Here's a sample cube:

 Comprehension cubes can provide endless ideas for discussing various story elements.


  1. I saw that idea about a comprehension cube before & you just reminded me about it. Where did you find the comprehension cubes?
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Hi Lisa,
    This cube was actually one of the presenters and I didn't even think to ask her where she got it. I've seen the square beach ball looking ones here: