Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Today I went to one of the best workshops that I have ever attended!  It was Higher Order Thinking Skills by Teacher Created Materials Publishing.  Judith Goodman from the Houston area was our presenter.  We were also in for a real treat as she is also a trainer for Dinah Zike.  Everything that we focused on was centered around making a fold-able activity.  The time flew by and before I knew it the day was over!  Here are some of the things we made:
In this one we started off with a file folder.

On the left side we made a book, and a paper plate with more information following.  On the right side we  sealed two legal sized envelopes and cut them in half.  Across the top we cut an indentation.  (Sorry this picture would not upload correctly).

Here is the paper plate.  We wrote each habitat and then listed characteristics of each as well as animals found in each habitat.  Later we cut and then folded the paper plate and glued it to our file folder.

This was the coolest little book!  You can make it multiple pages and then add a binder to the edge to hold it all nicely in place.

When you open the book, you fold the corners back so that you can see the habitat.  Then you have your different flaps.  Inside each flap you write and draw each part about the ocean.

On the example flap, you write other oceans.  Then draw an ocean picture above it.

Again, sorry for the formatting issue.  Here we sorted cards of different animals and put them into the correct habitat.

On the back we made a foldable book.  Below it was suggested to make a rubric and glue that into place so that the final product can be easily assessed.

Here is the writing book.  The kids choose their animal, and then draw a picture at the top.

Here is the next page.

The following pages focus on cause and effect.  We wrote 3 different things that our animal might try. 

I apologize that this one came out a little blurry.  This booklet was our way of taking notes.  Judith called it our HOTS book.  To make this book we got 3 sheets of paper.  We folded them hamburger style.  We separated one of the sheets and made a  one inch mark on either end.  Then on the single page we shaved off just a tiny sliver in the center.  On the other pages we cut from the end to our one inch mark.

We put the book together by sliding the other pages through the slivered section.  

Here's another foldable that we made.  We simple cut the top and divided it into two sections.  You could use this for endless topics with comparing and contrasting.

When you open it up you can write under the flap about the topic.

Here was another one to the left on note taking about Management Strategies.  On the right we used sticky notes to brainstorm how to differentiate.  

Another foldable using 2 sheets of paper.  You write the topic outside and then explain more about it on the inside.

This one was too cool!  Once we cut it to look like above, we were told this would be our assessment.  You could have the kids draw a diorama of the habitat.   

So to do this, you actually have to open up the above picture and draw your scene.  Once it's completed, you can glue the ends so that it stands up.  It was also suggested to make more than one habitat and glue them back to back displaying their scenery.  

Here is a simple hot dog paper folded into 5 sections.  We cut the top flaps and then took notes about the workshop inside.

Last, but certainly not least, we each received this awesome manual that has so many practical activities for K-2 all aligned with Common Core State Standards (they also have a 3-5 book, but this book can be adapted to use with 3-5 too)!


  1. LOVE these ideas!!! Definitely pinning them on my page...I'm always looking for ways to use foldables/jazz up our learning, esp. with interactive notebooks. Thanks sooo much for sharing! :)

    1. Thanks! your students will love making these!!

  2. LOVE these ideas!!! Definitely pinning them on my page...I'm always looking for ways to use foldables/jazz up our learning, esp. with interactive notebooks. Thanks sooo much for sharing! :)

  3. I'm so jealous, that looks like it was an awesome workshop! Thank you so much for sharing!

    2nd Grade Ponderings

    1. You are welcome! It was probably one of the most memorable workshops I've ever been to!

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    1. Thanks Lisa! I can't wait to share these with everyone at my school!

  5. I love foldables!! I feel like it's such a fun way to learn concepts, because the students are actively involved in their learning. Thanks for sharing!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  6. Oh what great ideas for habitats! :) I'm so excited to be finding all of these second grade teacher blogs! Especially when they have foldables! AHHHH! Now if only my kids didn't struggle so much with folding! How did your kids do with creating all the foldables?

    Ms. Wilkie's Second Grade Class

  7. Wonderful! If you want to learn more about Foldables, go to Dinah Zike's website at I work with Dinah and am glad to see that Judith is sharing what she learned at the Dinah Zike Academy!

    1. Thanks! I'm going to have to check out her site and learn more about her foldables. I would LOVE to go to one of her workshops one day!

  8. Love the idea of foldables! Cute!

    2nd Grade Pad

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  10. Great info! however the links are not working for me! Please help

    1. The links are only a reference to Teacher Created Materials; the company that put on the workshop that I attended, and for Dinah Zike; founder of many foldables. When I click on the links, they are still working and take me to their websites.