Monday, April 9, 2012

Tagged Again!

Tori over at

Tori's Teacher Tips

has tagged me! 
Here are 10 questions from Tori:

1. What is your favorite season? Summer!  I love the warm weather!!
2.  If you could live any where in the world, where would it be and why?  Puerto Penasco, Mexico.  I love how it's a small beach town in the middle of no where.  Unfortunately I won't go there again until Mexico is safer to visit.
3. What is the most recent book you've read?  I'm currently reading My Sister's Keeper.
4. Team Jacob or Team Edward?  Team Edward!  Jacob is great, but Bella was meant to be with Edward!
5. What is your favorite part about teaching?  Seeing those light bulbs turn on when a child grasps a new concept.
6. Who is your celebrity crush?  Paul Walker!  I don't care what movie he is in, hubby knows he is my eye candy!
7. Name 2 things you can't live without.  Family and Dark Chocolate
8. What is your favorite read aloud?  Any of the Junie B. Jones books.
9. What lead you to the teaching world?  Being a student aide in high school.
10. Sweet or Salty?  Sweet, but I really like a combination of both too!

I was also tagged by Mrs. Youel over at 

Here are her questions...

1. What are you most proud of in your classroom?  The general set up.  I get lots of compliments when people come in.
2. What is your favorite unit to teach (any subject)?  I really like Christmas Around the World. 
3. What inspired you to begin teacher blogging?  I wanted a general place to keep all of the Reading Street resources that my team used.
4. Teacher's Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers?  I use TPT more, but I think I'm really leaning towards Teacher's Notebook more.  It sounds like teachers get more of their profits from TN.
5. What is the best field trip you've ever been on?  They are all so fun!  Perhaps going to White Sands.  We incorporated science and then the rest was like a day at the beach minus the water.
6. What inspired you to become a teacher?  Working with children in Child Development Classes in high school.
7. What are you doing/did you do on your Spring Break?  Read, rested, and relaxed with my family.
8. What is your favorite book to use in the classroom?  I really like Goonie Bird Green to incorporate writing.
9. Do you have a classroom pet? If so, what?  No.  We have more paperwork than I am willing to fill out to get permission for one.
10. What frustrates you most about teaching?  To many tasks to complete and not enough time to get them done during our contract time.

Since I've already tagged 10 others, I think I am good to go!  

Have a great week everyone!

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