Friday, November 11, 2011

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

So this coming week my team and I decided to do things a little out of order.  We are going to teach the Reading Street story Life Cycle of a Pumpkin.  This story is actually about 4 weeks ahead of where we are, but teaching about pumpkins will make so much more sense now than a month from now.  Here are some of the activities we plan on using this week.

Here's my weekly game board with vowel patterns oo and u.  Click on the picture to download.

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Dominoes

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Comprehension Questions

Tic-Tac-Toe Choice Board

Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Trifold from Cary Short

I also wanted to personally thank Vicky Kinder who has created many of the activities that go along with our Reading Street Series.  You can find a TON of other activities here that she and some other generous teachers have created.

We are also going to use Christina Bainbridge's Pumpkin Observation Booklet and Ocean's of First Grade Fun's Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Writing.  Last, but not least, we are going to make Pumpkin Pie in a Cup from Teaching Heart Blog.

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  1. Hope the kiddos liked the Pumpkin Pie in a Cup - Colleen Teaching Heart,