Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Creating a School Master Schedule

Yep!  Just like the title says, I've been working on a rapid reset for our elementary school of about 565 kids.  This year, due to the fact that I am teaching reading instruction for two hours daily, it has made some scheduling a bit fragmented.  I lead weekly PLC's and cannot begin them until after 10:00 a.m. each day.  So, after our leadership team agreed that a new master schedule for our school would be best for students, I began working on one.  Let me say that as a teacher, I never dreamed how much of a job this entailed!  After about 15 hours of working on it, I was ready to present it on Monday.  Now teams will present pluses and deltas and we will go from there.

Here is just a snapshot of what I've been working on.  While doing some research on school schedules, I didn't have much luck finding resources or templates.   I did come across this book.

I am curious to know if anyone out there has heard of it and if it's worth getting.


  1. Hi Becky,
    That is quite a project...good luck. I was just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  2. do you mind sharing your master schedule- I am having to create one for a project